Junior Mushers           


We have two Junior Classes here in NZ. 

  • PeeWee - who are accompanied by an adult                      
  • Junior up to 16yrs.

Individual clubs may offer different classes for example, Junior advanced or beginer etc.

We are also very lucky here in NZ that our NZFSS rules allow for very quick development of our Juniors by letting them race in open classes providing they meet Class/RGO/RM and experience critiera. This provides a true open class in mushers as Male vs Female, Adult vs Youth are all included.

Information on Junior Eligibility for Sanctioned Races is found in the Junior Rules.

If you are a junior musher in NZ and would like to see your picture here send your picture with a little information about yourself to Steve Potter; the NZFSS Junior Chairperson at scnbpotter@xtra.co.nz.


NZFSS have started  a Junior delelopment program for Kids 11-16, which is aimed at helping our youth to develop and improve a range of skills and attitudes across the whole aspect of sled dog sport. This includes Mentoring, One on One Lessons, and internal Competition for Outstanding NZ Junior Musher of the Year.We are also hoping to run a continuation of our Pre Season training Camps.

If you are a Junior 11-16 and would like to be in this program for 2020 please let us know by contacting Steve at scnbpotter@xtra.co.nz, or contact your NZFSS Club Rep.

There is also a FB page at NZFSS Junior Mushers

The criteria and expectations are in the Documents Section below.


20626094_10210084801497274_2124453903049080642_o.jpg 19221925_1373445072710576_1142925282080095614_o.jpg 19599_10150479400134982_4510250217108080528_n.jpg 13913773_10150630942839982_3729567863276788911_o.jpg 10406930_10152905086695550_940827714960836235_n.jpg 11390036_10150495743324982_4139604202667430339_n.jpg


 13490748_304205679920936_5148634957802767548_o.jpg 19388665_1373437062711377_131535957996117123_o.jpg  13700979_10150623964439982_5677469140621662303_o.jpg 13662227_10150622658969982_5162549180697452043_o.jpg 13730787_10206955583148771_8485618340128540128_o.jpg 19574971_457703704599063_2840810633957326327_o.jpg  12038718_10205059759239006_51098804400883941_o.jpg 19577440_457707367932030_6214635838795502904_o.jpg FB_IMG_1487577228378.jpg88261698_10157669921141072_2130906276828282880_n.jpg

20617149_10150819056644982_439171852073733617_o.jpg 13490748_304205679920936_5148634957802767548_o.jpg 19400418_1373436459378104_7194819087218000196_o.jpg




AUSTRALIAN JUNIORS that have competed in New Zealand recently:

1240187_1673326482893258_8668846974440102166_n.jpg                            10464250_270732463127047_9192845755294433476_n.jpg 

       2015 - Jess Winther (Victoria, AUS)                                                2015 - Josh Winther (Victoria, AUS)  


11928746_10153520333524407_4568334650076722634_n.jpg                               20993817_10150826210814982_7334604518098782239_n.jpg

         2016 - Don Chew (Western Australia, AUS)                                  2017 - Aimee Stoeckel (South Australia, AUS)



38848172_432614687230257_4772546893148323840_n.jpg      38612135_427619491063110_525406162523258880_n.jpg

2018 - Ebony Powell (Queensland, AUS)   Cardrona Valley Stage Race - 30km


39942799_445689979256061_8158464294862716928_n.jpg       39947213_445690235922702_8982426506147921920_n.jpg               

2018 - Ebony Powell (Queensland, AUS) Wanaka Sleddog Festival.



39745154_10216888005662280_7060987081425682432_o.jpg        40234500_10217435627668767_7193876968746516480_n.jpg

 2018 - Matthew Grilk (South Australia, AUS) Wanaka Sleddog Festival.



NEW ZEALAND JUNIORS who have competed in AUSTRALIA recently:

FB_IMG_1487576517375.jpg                                        13912388_10209547773043413_5796318933180985773_n.jpg

        2015 - Blake Potter (Westport, NZ)                                                           2016 - Luke Dempsey (Christchurch, NZ)



 2019 - Sam Hughes (Dunedin, NZ)



Junior Development Program

NZFSS Junior Develpoment Program Criteria

Mentor Agreement

NZFSS Junior Driver Record (Word Document)

NZFSS Junior Driver Record (PDF)