Event DateClubEvent NameTypeSeasonRegion
19 Sep 2020TBSDCWesport Scooter Derby Unsanctioned2020S
12 Sep 2020SRSDCMidway Challenge WeightpullSanctioned2020S
12 Sep 2020SRSDCMerino Classic Unsanctioned2020S
6 Sep 2020RRSDRCAcana ClassicUnsanctioned2020N
5 Sep 2020RRSDRCBootie Blowout Sanctioned2020N
30 Aug 2020FFSDCRace Of Orijen Race 2Sanctioned2020N
29 Aug 2020FFSDCRace Of Orijen Race 1 Sanctioned2020N
22 Aug 2020SSDAFosbender Fender BenderSanctioned2020S
2 Aug 2020CSDCDouble Banger IISanctioned2020S
2 Aug 2020GNSHCGreat Northern Classic IISanctioned2020N
1 Aug 2020CSDCDouble Banger Sanctioned2020S
1 Aug 2020GNSHCGreat Northern Classic ISanctioned2020N
26 Jul 2020CTSHCSiberian ChallengeUnsanctioned2020N
25 Jul 2020CTSHCSled Dog Derby Sanctioned2020N
25 Jul 2020CTSHCAutumn BurnUnsanctioned2020N
19 Jul 2020SISHCHanmer Challenge Sanctioned2020S
18 Jul 2020SISHCHanmer Challenge Sanctioned2020S
5 Jul 2020CSDCWinter SolsticeUnsanctioned2020S
4 Jul 2020CSDCWinter SolsticeUnsanctioned2020S