Constitution & Rules


 Constitution March 2022  March 2022
 Sanctioning Requirements & Standards.pdf (0.08MB) April 2015
 Sanctioned Race Procedure.pdf (0.12MB) June 2017
 NZFSS Speed Race Rules.pdf (0.15MB) April 2020
 Weight Pulling Rules.pdf (0.07MB) April 2012
 Junior Division Sprint Race Rules.pdf (0.07MB) April 2003
 Long Distance:Cross Country Race Rules.pdf (0.09MB) April 1999
 Championship Award Program.pdf (0.05MB) April 1999
 List of Forbidden Substances and Methods for... (0.04MB) February 1994
  Speed Race Rules - Nordic Style (0.05MB) April 2011
 Speed Race Rules - Nome Style.pdf (0.05MB) February 1994
 NZFSS Championship Event System.pdf (0.05MB) April 2011
 NZFSS International Representative System.pdf (0.04MB) April 2000
 NZFSS Race Marshal's Exam.pdf(0.10MB) July 2012