Event DateClubEvent NameTypeSeasonRegion
29 Oct 2017AMCI2017 Spring Fling Weight Pull #2Sanctioned2017S
28 Oct 2017AMCI2017 Spring Fling Weight Pull #1Sanctioned2017S
10 Sep 2017SRSDCMidway Challenge Weight Pull IISanctioned2017S
9 Sep 2017SRSDCMidway Challenge Weight Pull ISanctioned2017S
3 Sep 2017FFSDCTrail of Champions IISanctioned2017N
2 Sep 2017FFSDCTrail of Champions ISanctioned2017N
19 Aug 2017ASDCSRSDC's Kirsty BurnSanctioned2017S
18 Aug 2017SRSDCWanaka Sled Dog FestivalSanctioned2017S
13 Aug 2017GNSHCThe Great Northern Classic IISanctioned2017N
12 Aug 2017GNSHC The Great Northern Classic ISanctioned2017N
6 Aug 2017CTSHCSiberian ChallengeUnsanctioned2017N
6 Aug 2017SISHCChallenge 2; Dryland champsNZFSS Champs (Rig)2017S
5 Aug 2017CTSHCAutumn BurnSanctioned2017N
5 Aug 2017SISHCHanmer ChallengeSanctioned2017S
5 Aug 2017SISHCNZFSS Dryland Champs, overallNZFSS Champs (Rig)2017S
5 Aug 2017CTSHC Sled Dog DerbySanctioned2017N
29 Jul 2017RRSDRCJimbo's Vineyard ClassicSanctioned2017N
16 Jul 2017NAMCRave Up IISanctioned2017N
16 Jul 2017CSDCDouble Banger IISanctioned2017S
15 Jul 2017CSDCDouble Banger ISanctioned2017S
15 Jul 2017ASDCNAMC's Northern Speedway ChallengeSanctioned2017S
15 Jul 2017NAMCRave Up ISanctioned2017N
8 Jul 2017SISHCConnor Duncan-Caley Special EventSanctioned2017S
2 Jul 2017MRSDCSRSDC's The Mount Buster ClassicSanctioned2017S
1 Jul 2017MRSDCSRSDC's The OriginSanctioned2017S
24 Jun 2017RRSDRCRaumai CupSanctioned2017N
18 Jun 2017TBSDCCSDC Winter Solstice IISanctioned2017S
17 Jun 2017TBSDCCSDC Winter Solstice ISanctioned2017S
11 Jun 2017AMCIWinter WarmUp IISanctioned2017S
10 Jun 2017AMCIWinter WarmUp ISanctioned2017S
4 Jun 2017SSDASandy Point Scarper IISanctioned2017S
3 Jun 2017SSDASandy Point Scarper ISanctioned2017S
28 May 2017RRSDRCMock RaceUnsanctioned2017N
20 May 2017TBSDCTimaru Scooter Derby Overall Unsanctioned2017S