Event DateClubEvent NameEntry FormType
7 Apr 2018NZFSSNZFSS AGM and Executive Council MeetingMeeting
28 Apr 2018TBSDCNovice/Junior Devlopment Training CampDownloadTranining
2 Jun 2018SSDASandy Point Scarper IDownloadSanctioned
3 Jun 2018SSDASandy Point Scarper IIDownloadSanctioned
16 Jun 2018TBSDCWestport Scooter Derby 2018DownloadUnsanctioned
30 Jun 2018MRSDCSRSDC's The OriginDownloadSanctioned
1 Jul 2018MRSDCSRSDC's The Mount Buster ClassicDownloadSanctioned
7 Jul 2018MRSDC2018 Rifleman's RaceDownloadUnsanctioned
14 Jul 2018CSDCDouble BangerDownloadSanctioned
14 Jul 2018NAMCRave Up IDownloadSanctioned
14 Jul 2018TBSDCNAMC's Northern Speedway ClassicDownloadSanctioned
15 Jul 2018CSDCWinter SolsticeDownloadSanctioned
15 Jul 2018NAMCRave Up IIDownloadSanctioned
21 Jul 2018RRSDRCWaitarere HowlerDownloadSanctioned
22 Jul 2018RRSDRCBootie BlowoutDownloadSanctioned
28 Jul 2018SISHCHanmer Challenge IDownloadSanctioned
29 Jul 2018SISHCHanmer Challenge IIDownloadSanctioned
9 Aug 2018SRSDCSled Dog ClassicDownloadSanctioned
10 Aug 2018SRSDCWanaka Sled Dog FestivalDownloadSanctioned
11 Aug 2018ASDCSRSDC Kirsty BurnDownloadSanctioned
18 Aug 2018GNSHCGreat Northern Classic IDownloadSanctioned
19 Aug 2018GNSHCGreat Northern Classic IIDownloadSanctioned
25 Aug 2018CTSHCAutumn BurnDownloadSanctioned
25 Aug 2018CTSHCSled Dog DerbyDownloadSanctioned
25 Aug 2018TBSDCSSDA's Fosbender Fender BenderSanctioned
26 Aug 2018CTSHCSiberian ChallengeDownloadUnsanctioned
1 Sep 2018FFSDCTrail of ChampionsDownloadSanctioned
2 Sep 2018FFSDCTrail of ChampionsDownloadSanctioned
27 Oct 2018SRSDCAMCI Midway Challenge Weightpull IDownloadSanctioned
28 Oct 2018SRSDCAMCI Midway Challenge Weightpull IIDownloadSanctioned
24 Nov 2018AMCISpring Fling 1 Weight PullDownloadSanctioned
25 Nov 2018AMCISpring Fling 2 Weight PullProvisionally Sanctioned